Online Course. Advanced Level. Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy

We Are Funny Project presents:

Online Course. Advanced Level. Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy


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The career breakthrough masterclass for experienced stand-up comedians

The premise of the course is to show more advanced emerging comedians, with greater than 100 gigs experience, how to apply film production tips and theory to turbo-charge your stand-up.

After all, every early days comedian is also their own:

* Producer

* Writer

* Director

* Lead Actor

* Marketing & Publicity Department

* Wardrobe Department

... and of course, agents and critics are shared issues...

Are you stuck in a rut at the same old open-mic gigs, while your peers are heading for television and the pro circuit? Move up the comedy ladder with our latest online course Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy.


We all love open-mic comedy, but...

Let's face it. If you are grinding out the same old material on the open-mic circuit, while comedians who started after you get paid or get on television, then it's time you made a change.

And whether you've done 100 gigs or 1,000, there's always room to improve.

When you are ready to take your next step on the stand-up comedy ladder, Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy is here to help you stand out from your peers and move up. To your first headline spot. To the pro circuit. To television. Or even to the big international festivals.

Wherever you want to go in stand-up comedy, this complete online course teaches you a systematic process to get there. Your days of being stuck in a rut are over.


Step forward in stand-up comedy in 3 simple steps


Secure your place and get a hefty pre-launch discount

For lifetime access, take 30 seconds now to complete one simple enrolment form and pay one discounted fee.


Watch the video lessons
online and do the practical
learning exercises 

Work through the video sessions to systematically create the comedy breakthroughs you are looking for. New chapters are released weekly over the three month course.


Break through on a comedy journey that is uniquely yours

Post-course, you will know exactly where you want to go in stand-up comedy AND you will have all the tools you need to get there.



Online Course. Lifetime Access. Advanced Level.

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